Monthly Archives: October 2011

Providing Comfort

A half deaf chef walks into a retirement village to cook….

No, it’s not the opening line to a potentially bad joke, it’s the actually situation I’m finding myself in.

With the economy so rough, I’m looking at taking a second job with a retirement village. This is an opportunity that if it pans out, actually has me excited for a number of reasons.

First off, the set up for this particular cooking gig is rather unique. I won’t be cooking institutional food like one might thing for a retirement home. Rather, I’d be cooking more home style- ya know, making actual food instead of warming something from a can.

Secondly, the residents can choose to cook with me. This will make my life so much easier- ya can’t complain when you’re helping the cook!

Beyond this is the opportunity to get to know the people I’m cooking for. That is part of the fun of cooking- knowing who you’re cooking for. Cooks, in their own way, become counselors, sort of like bar tenders do. Our therapy is really good food rather than liver disease…

If everything pans out, I will have the opportunity to help give people comfort in a strange environment and I will be able to do it with food.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity and hope that I can excel in this position. Who knows, I might just like it enough to make a career out of it, with writing on the side.


Winds of Change

Outside the sights, sounds and smells of fall are happening. The wind is blowing, brown, orange and red leaves are falling and people are burning yard debris. My sinuses will thank you to stop.

November is already shaping up to be a month of change. T and I are learning sign language, we are changing our cooking habits even more and now we are looking at bigger changes with our home and work life as opportunities have blown in.

I’m excited about the things that are taking place as I’ll get to spread my wings in new, different and exciting ways. I’m looking at life in a whole new manner and scrambling to scoop up opportunities any time they present themselves.

Along with this, I’m looking at food in a whole new way. Living in the Midwest, I get various seasons that bring about different tastes. I’m realizing more now that I like the tastes of the different seasons and want to incorporate this more and more into the dishes I make. As my professional life begins to change, so too do the leaves outside and so do the dishes that I’m preparing to learn to make. This is a good thing.

I didn’t always like change- still in many ways I don’t. But change, I’m realizing, isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a very good thing- it helps us stretch, grow and teaches us how to add seasoning to our lives. Without change, we’d be boring.

Cooking in many ways has taught me this- change is not bad. It’s very good- after all, no one wants to eat uncooked pasta. Add that pasta to perfectly salted water, cook until tender and Voila! a delectable plate of pasta pleasure.

Bring change into your life. You might just like the entree you get.